2014 Victorian Bushfire Relief – 02.11.14

Update – Kilmore and Surrounding Areas

As most of the fire affected area has been locked down, it is still difficult to determine exactly what the situations are. Now that people are being allowed back into the area we are starting to get calls from people requiring assistance.

As the fire is/was predominantly a quick moving grass fire, owners have lost their pastures and feed.

At the moment our biggest need is Hay.
Please contact us if you would like to make a donation of Hay or feed.

2014 Victorian Bushfire Relief

With all the fires that have gone through the northern area of Victoria and the amount of properties that have suffered we are in need of donations so we can help our fellow Australians. We are in need of feed, fencing and first aid items mostly. If you have anything that can be donated please contact us.

Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.

We currently have drop off points in Daylesford, Yarra Valley, Monbulk, Geelong, Campbellfield and Whittlesea.

If you (or someone you know) requires assistance please contact us via the contact page on this website or by email to

01/02/2013 – Hay Drive Update

On the weekend of February 9th and 10th we are doing a hay run down to fire affected parts of Gippsland. Pickups are being arranged around the Yarra Valley, Broadford and Geelong in the week leading up to the weekend delivery.

26/01/2013 – Veterinary Supply Delivery

Narelle and I set off late Saturday afternoon. We planned to keep everyone updated on our progress via facebook which was easy to do initially but as the sun set it became a little more challenging. We did have a couple of individuals following our progress, but even they started to drop off in the early hours of the morning.

We hit rain just north of Dubbo which continued throughout the day. Strange to be assisting with the fire affected while getting drenched by rain.

We rolled into Coonabarabran in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Before the shops opened and while the township was waking, Narelle and I decided to have a little drive around the affected area. Immediately it was obvious that the fire that tore through the Warrumbungle National Park had the potential to take many lives. Fortunately (if there is such a thing when dealing with situations such as these) the bulk fire was contained to the national park. I would recommend you all Google images of the Warrumbungle National Park as it was (and will no doubt be again) a majestic place. The National Park is now closed until further notice.

We went in search of breakfast. A café in the middle of town was to our destination and the meal served was pretty bloody good!

At 9am Sunday morning we met up with some representatives from the local pony club and riding club (adult riders). We then proceeded to the pony club to unload the donated goods. We later discovered that the riding club was situated within the fire damaged area. As we were unloading items, the ladies were going through each box. If it was felt that an item was not needed, or in excess, it was returned to be put to use elsewhere. The remaining will be used for the Gippsland effort.

Still raining, we then set off to tour the fire zone area and to meet those affected. As I mentioned earlier, the fire was within the national park. Unfortunately the areas outside the national park affected was mostly populated by the equine community. Most people manage to have their horses moved before the fire reached them. A lesson learnt from stories read and discussions had with those affected by the Black Saturday fires. We were informed that a number of equines were injured, a considerable number were still unaccounted for and a state body (similar to the DPI) inspected the affected areas and “put down” those that would not survive their injuries. As most of the inhabited area boarded the national park it is suspected that those unaccounted for fled into the national park.

I had the opportunity to treat one of the equine victims and to view other equines within the fire zone.
After all was done, Narelle and I sent off home. The trip home was long and tiring. Dinner at Narrandera was very nice (thanks Narelle) and the kilometres just kept ticking over.

Here’s a couple of stats:
Total klms travelled: 2118!
Total driving time: 25hrs 43mins.
Equine victims currently being treated: 9.
Equines unaccounted: 19. Equines lost: Unknown.

26/01/2013 – Veterinary Supply Drive

All the goods are now loaded up and on their way North with two of our Committee Members. This drive would not have been possible without the support of everyone who donated money or supplies. A big Thank You also to our suppliers who were able to donate or discount our items enabling us to purchase even more items.

21/01/2013 – Veterinary Supply Drive

Veterinary supplies are desperately needed in NSW. TREW will be delivering a load of supplies to the fire affected areas within the next week. First Aid supplies are also being made available for those in the Victorian affected areas.

Items in High Demand:
Elastoplast bandages
Wound dressings Cotton gauze
Cotton wool
Antiseptic lotions
Antiseptic spray
Wound cream
Saline solution
Fly repellent
Buckets Cotton Rugs

Donated goods can be sent to or dropped off at:
The Farm Store
98 Lara Way
Campbellfield VIC 3061

Donated funds will be used to purchase emergency supplies.
Bank: Triple R Equine Welfare. Bendigo Bank BSB:633-000 Acc: 130571482

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

TREW can assist with the collection of larger donations.
Please contact Narelle or Jessie on 1300 463 276 or email