TREW Rolls – Adopted

Rolls is a 21 year old brown Standardbred gelding. He is around 14.2 hh. Rolls came into care with his paddock mate Jack.
In his youth, Rolls was a successful harness racer before being trained as a riding horse once he retired from racing.
Rolls is a lovely older gentleman, with a beautiful temperament. He stands to have his feet done in the paddock without restraints. Always interested in what is going on, Rolls has a very been there done that look about him.

March 2012 – Update

Rolls is doing very well. Dean Fox came over and gave all the TREW horses a trim and confirmed that Rolls has contracted heels. He also has some inflammation at the base of his tendons at the fetlock.

However he is not lame so there’s no need for radical treatment and we’ll allow the heels to regenerate naturally.
Rolls is also a bit of a heavy “breather” as he breaths a bit faster than normal, especially when he’s a bit excited. There is no indication of respiratory infection so it’s likely he has a mild heart condition.
None of these ailments really affect Rolls but it’s obvious his riding days are over. He is such a gentle and easy going horse that he would make the perfect paddock companion.

July 2012 – Rolls has been Adopted

Rolls was delivered last Saturday and travelled very well. Upon arrival he was calm and relaxed and showed no adverse effects from the long journey. He was unloaded and introduced to his new family (the four legged ones).
Update on Rolls is that he has settled in well and is enjoying life with his new family (both two and four legged ones)

June Update

Rolls is a beautiful boy. He is so easy going. I knew he would be perfectly behaved for the dentist so he was the first one to be done and the other four horses in paddock had to come over check out what was going on. Rolls didn’t move at all. Benita identified one tooth that may require extraction in the future which is to be expected at his age.
A potential adopter has met Rolls and it went really well. I don’t think they could believe how quiet he was and they asked if he had any bad habits. He has none, apart from rubbing his rug against the fence and currently he’s in our neighbour’s paddock which unfortunately has barbed-wire so there are a few holes in his rug now.
Hopefully the adoption goes ahead and Rolls receives the loving home he deserves.

July Update

Another horse successfully re-homed by TREW into a loving and caring family!
Rolls was delivered to a couple in sunny Mildura last Saturday. It is 600 odd kilometres from his home at TREW to Mildura and Rolls travelled very well.
Upon arrival Rolls calm and relaxed and showed no adverse effects from the journey. He was unloaded and introduced to his new family (the four legged ones).
I stayed to view the property to ensure that Rolls settled after the trip (not than he was ever unsettled) and all paperwork completed. Climbed back in the car and proceeded home.

Goodbye Rolls


It is with much sadness that we share the news that the lovely gelding TREW Rolls has passed over the rainbow bridge. Rolls suffered badly from arthritis and other joint complaints directly related to his racing career and his pain could no longer be managed.

Rolls was a beautiful old man who was lucky enough to live out his days on a property in Mildura with a family who loved him. Thank you Colleen for taking Rolls into your hearts and looking after him so well.