TREW Jasper – Adopted


TREW Jasper is our little surprise baby. When his mother, TREW Sally came into our care we were told that there was a chance that she was in foal. To look at the young mare she didn’t show signs of being so far along in her pregnancy. Being unhandled made things just that bit more difficult.

On a sunny November morning, one of Sally’s carers went out to the paddock to check on all the horses and ponies only to find an additional set of legs in the paddock. A set that were not there the night before. Welcome to TREW baby Jasper.



Jasper is now a strapping young colt. Unlike his mother, he does not fear people as his start to life was in a nice paddock, with love and affection from both horse and human. Looking remarkably like his mother, Jasper has almost the same markings as Sally.

Rapidly growing up, this young colt will be gelded and will be available for rehoming in the future.

Jasper is currently available for Sponsorship.


Jasper is growing quickly and is a friendly young fella. He is friendly and enjoys receiving attention.

Gelding awaits him in the not too distant future.