TREW Trinket – Adopted

Trinket’s feet were extremely long, to the point where she was unable to walk properly. Like her paddock mate, Luigi, she was suffering from long term chronic laminitis.

After discussions with the owner about the best way to rehabilitate these ponies, he decided to surrender them to TREW.

Collection was arranged, but due to the severity of their condition and the pain they were clearly in, a vet was called to administer pain relief for their transportation to our rehablitation centre. Trinket also needed an excessive amount of hoof taken off for her to be able to walk onto the float. Both ponies travelled like stars and once home, they were left to settle for the rest of the day.
The following day, both ponies received a trim and were started on a course of homeopathics to help with their chronic laminitis. Both are very cute little ponies, though are unsure about human contact. Trinket appears unsure of what will be happening to her next, but both have been very obliging with everything that has been done to them.

Although a slow process, Luigi and Trinket’s hooves continue to improve. They have lost weight and are feeling good. Trinket is often seen running around the paddock, while a chilled out Luigi watches.
Trinket recently managed to escape from her paddock and had a great time hooning around the neighbouring empty paddock, bucking and farting frequently! Luigi carried on eating his hay, oblivious to the shenanigans of his paddock pal.
A recent visit from the dentist confirmed that Trinket is in her mid to late teens, while Luigi is a very aged boy. Both of them made a song and dance about being caught, giving all four of us a run for our money as they evaded capture!

TREW Trinket – Available for Adoption

After receiving regular trimming, both Luigi and Trinket have made great progress in their recovery and are now ready for rehoming. Neither is suitable for riding due to their age, but would make great companions. Trinket does tend to put on weight just looking at grass, so is not suitable for use as a ‘lawnmower’.
Both ponies love to play when it’s time to be caught, but once caught behave and lead beautifully. They had received little to no handling in the 10 years before they were surrendered, but are good to trim and worm and enjoy being groomed.
While it may not be possible in reality, ideally we would love for these two to go to a home together.

February Update – Available for Adoption

Trinket is looking very well.
Trinket can put on weight very easily. Her weight and diet will need to be strictly managed. She can be a little difficult when being caught but is improving all the time.

March Update – Available for Adoption

Trinket was moved to another short term carers property today. She floated well and has settled in nicely. Before coming to TREW Trinket had received only minimal handling, because of this she can be a little hard to catch. She will walk right up to you but shy away once you move as if to put a rope around her. With time and patience she is becoming easier to catch.
Once Trinket has been caught she is good to handle. As she had a lot of work done on her hooves since coming into care, this little mare is now very good for the trimmer.

May Update – Available for Adoption

Trinket is still looking for her forever home. She has been in a paddock with several other ponies (and a horse, and two sheep). Trinket is getting better at being caught. She is still the first pony to greet you at the gate, she comes cantering over when she sees people around.

Trinket is a very friendly little mare who wants to stop and say hello to everyone. She will do very well in a home with someone who will spend time with this girl as she just loves attention.

November Update – Adopted

Good things certainly come to those who wait. Our lovely Trinket has finally found her forever home with new equine friends and a family to love her. Trinket has been started under saddle and is taking it all in her stride.

Thank you Angeleena for offering this sweet Shetland pony such a caring and loving home.