Become a Member of TREW

Triple R Equine Welfare (TREW) is run solely by volunteers and in order to continue carrying out its important work, relies totally on funds raised via memberships and donations.

As a member of TREW you will be able to choose the level of involvement that best suits you, whether that be as a passive member contributing via your annual membership, or in a more active role such as working towards fundraising, assisting the TREW committee in areas such as educational projects, community assistance and awareness or, where appropriate, through hands on rehabilitation of equines in care.

In addition you will also be eligible to re-home one of the TREW rehabilitated equines, via a lifetime lease, available only to TREW members. Upon acceptance of your application for membership, you will receive a Member’s pack which includes the following items:

  • Welcome letter
  • Thank you card
  • Membership card

Yearly Cost of Membership

  • $80 Business/Association
  • $40 Individual
  • $50 Family
  • $20 Child

Click to Download Membership Form PDF