TREW Oscar – Adopted

Late December

blog-small-e1365743049465Oscar is a 13 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He stands around 16.1 hh.

Upon seeing people he came trotting up the paddock (which was great as the paddock was huge and the walk would have been a killer). We saw right away that he is obviously very lame and his feet are dreadful (the photos make them look better than they are), but otherwise he is in good condition.

He loaded onto the float with no hassles. We took it slowly, let him look around and in 5 minutes he was on. Makes me wish picking up all new horses was this easy!



After being moved into short term care Oscar received his first treatment. So far so good and his hooves look so much better. According to the farrier, Oscar has mild seedy toe in all four hooves and has a touch of thrush in his rear offside.
We have been supplied some magic potion which is to be applied every day for the next couple of weeks or until it runs out. Don’t ask me what’s in it as I couldn’t tell you but it does smell a little!
Both the trim and potion were free of charge from our wonderful farrier.



Oscar has been living on easy street for the last couple of months. Due to the damage to his hooves he has been allowed to simply eat and be merry until his feet shape up.
Oscar has been good to handle and is well behaved for the farrier. We have been told that he was previously used as a riding horse before the hoof problems begun, but he has not been ridden in several years.


June – Available for Adoption

Oscars hooves have made a remarkable recovery, compliments to our lovely farrier for trimming this fellow so well.
It is time now for Oscar to become a part of someone’s family. This lovely thoroughbred is available for Free Lease.
Oscar is good to handle and he floats like a pro. He can be a bit stroppy when being rugged but we simply carry on with the job and he’s fine.
Oscar is a friendly horse who loves attention and gets along well with other horses. Oscar holds his weight well. Since being in TREW’s care Oscar has not been ridden. His future as a riding horse has yet to be determined so he is currently being offered as a companion.
Please contact us if you are interested in giving this stunning gelding a home at

27/07/2013 – Oscar Has Been Adopted

Oscar was delivered to his new home in Eildon today. As always this beautiful Thoroughbred floated very well during the couple of hours he was on board the float.

It was with no fuss that our boy met his new paddock mate Bullseye, who recently lost his aged paddock companion. There was no squealing or carry on between the two bay boys.

Oscar’s adopter has sent us some photos of the boys going for a hoon around her lovely property.

We wish Kate, Bullseye and Oscar all the best in their future together.