TREW Jewel – Adopted


Jewel is a two and a half year old Miniature Pony filly.

Jewel had been under the radar of the RSPCA for quite some time. The inspector had been called in after reports had been made of overweight ponies with hoof problem and laminitis. The inspector then approached TREW as Jewel’s owner had agreed to surrender her.

She is suffering from laminitis and her feet had been so badly trimmed, she was walking on the back of her heels (the bulbs), making her joint snap open and closed. She had minimal handling and was extremely nervous and had previously needed to be sedated to do any work with her.

Jewel was collected and taken for rehabilitation. After being given some time to settle in, she had her hooves trimmed (without the need for sedation) and wormed. Still very nervous, she refused any type of treat and was very suspicious when given a feed.

After a couple of days she then started to accept close contact, taking treats and coming over for her feed. She was still very unsure about being stroked, but loved to sniff your face.

Jewel is a loveable little girl and will require on-going farrier work and a strict diet along with a full herbal treatment to aid with the laminitis. She will also require a huge amount of handling and training to help overcome her trust issues.


December 2011

Jewel is becoming braver. She loves to come and greet you, sniffing your face and nibbling your shoes. She is still a little timid, but is coming on in leaps and bounds. She loves scratches, especially under her tummy.

Jewel is also now ready for rehoming and with patience and knowledge, would make a superb little pony.


March 2012 – Star and Jewel – Available for Adoption

These two little girls have blossomed. They love nothing better than to run around the paddock, bucking and playing.

Both girls are very friendly and will happily follow you round the paddock and accept cuddles, though Star is much easier to catch than Jewel, who is a little more unsure of what will happen when she is caught, though once she is caught she is happy to do as required.

Their feet have progressed to the point where they are both now available for adoption. They will continue to need restricted diets and regular hoof care.


July 2012 – Star and Jewel have been Adopted

We are extremely pleased to announce that Starlight and Jewel have been adopted into the same loving home!

With very little float experience, both girls travelled fantastically and arrived at their new home calm and relaxed. They were a little hesitant to come off the float, but once in their paddock, they enjoyed a cuddle from their new mum.

Once introductions had been made, the girls decided to explore their new paddock and soon made themselves at home by running round bucking (and farting!)