TREW Luigi – Adopted

TREW Luigi – Adopted

blog-small-e1365743049465 Poor Luigi was left in a paddock unattended for many years. He became grossly overweight and as a consequence, suffered from chronic laminitis, rotated pedal bones, insulin resistance and, as he had become so overweight, fat accumulated in the crest of his neck causing the skin and surrounding tissues to expand. His broken crest was caused when the fabric tore, causing the crest to fall over in a chunk.

After discussions with the owner about the best way to rehabilitate these ponies, he decided to surrender them to TREW.

Collection was arranged, but due to the severity of their condition and the pain they were clearly in, a vet was called to administer pain relief for their transportation to our rehablitation centre. Both ponies travelled like stars and once home, they were left to settle for the rest of the day.

The following day, both ponies received a trim and were started on a course of homeopathics to help with their chronic laminitis. Both are very cute little ponies, though are unsure about human contact. Luigi is very chatty when you walk into the paddock, with lots of soft nickers, but both have been very obliging with everything that has been done to them.

Luigi’s neck will never go back to how it was, but he is no longer laminitic and has managed to lose some weight.
He may not be the prettiest boy to look at, but he has the best personality.


TREW Luigi – Update

Although a slow process, Luigi and Trinket’s hooves continue to improve. They have lost weight and are feeling good. Trinket is often seen running around the paddock, while a chilled out Luigi watches.

Trinket recently managed to escape from her paddock and had a great time hooning around the neighbouring empty paddock, bucking and farting frequently! Luigi carried on eating his hay, oblivious to the shenanigans of his paddock pal.

A recent visit from the dentist confirmed that Trinket is in her mid to late teens, while Luigi is a very aged boy. Both of them made a song and dance about being caught, giving all four of us a run for our money as they evaded capture!


TREW Luigi – Available for Adoption

After receiving regular trimming, both Luigi and Trinket have made great progress in their recovery and are now ready for rehoming. Neither is suitable for riding due to their age, but would make great companions. Trinket does tend to put on weight just looking at grass, so is not suitable for use as a ‘lawnmower’.

Both ponies love to play when it’s time to be caught, but once caught behave and lead beautifully. They had received little to no handling in the 10 years before they were surrendered, but are good to trim and worm and enjoy being groomed.

While it may not be possible in reality, ideally we would love for these two to go to a home together.


February Update – Available for Adoption

Luigi is doing well for his age and is looking for a forever home where he can be doted on and loved for the rest of his life.

He is on a lot more hard food at the moment, partly due to there being no grass in the paddock.

He is still a little timid and sensitive but he is friendly when approached and loves a scratch on his head and neck


October Update – Adopted

Our beautiful senior citizen, Luigi, has been adopted. He has gone to a family who will look after this gorgeous old man in his twilight years (and monitor his diet very closely). As the photos show he is being well loved. Thank you Janine for opening your heart to this old boy and providing him with a wonderful home.

Goodbye Luigi

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our old man Luigi after a hard battle with colic.

Luigi lived out his last months in the care of his adopter and her family. Thank you Johanna and Janine for looking after Luigi and for giving him a home.