TREW Mac – Adopted


October 2009

Mac is a 18 year old Waler whose history before his last owner is unknown.

Mac was taken into TREW care on the 20th September 2009. He came into our possession when his owner faced the reality that she could no long afford to feed him or his paddock buddy, Tommy. Although Mac’s original condition was poor, he was in relative good health.

The first 3 weeks were based on basic feed & care to improve his condition, then a little light exercise to build up & tone muscle.

Mac was wormed on arrival, and later he also had to have feet trimmed & the dentist to visit as well. He was a bit of a bugger when it was time to trim his front hooves. It was discovered that he was bothered by a very large bruise on his front left hoof. Happy to say it has now grown completely out.

A visit from the dentist and it became very obvious very quickly that this was something Mac was not used to. Nor did he show any intension of wanting to get used to it.

“Thank you” Benita Thompson (Dentist) for your patience and understanding.

Mac’s teeth were very poor as expected and will require another visit in about 6 months. By the end of the consult, which was a couple of hours, Mac had settled well and should not pose to be too much of a problem during future treatments.


Bendigo Equine Exhibition

Mac’s rehabilitation has been so impressive that the decision was made to take Mac to Bendigo for the National Equine Expo on the 21/11/09. We’ll call this Mac’s Big Day Out!

At this point Mac was introduced to TREW Members Tanya, Deirdre and Jessie, as well as hundreds of strangers.  A display was made up and attached to the front of the yard documenting the rehabilitation of the horse within.

There is nothing quite like looking at those pictures taken on the day Mac arrived at TREW’s care facility, then being able to look at the horse standing in front of you. It really does make neglect a reality for many who have only experienced it via newspapers or the internet.

Mac simply adored all the attention and stood quietly while hundreds of people patted and admired him. He displayed an unflappable nature, interested in everything going on without getting ‘fizzy’. He even seemed to enjoy having the Aus. Stockhorse Stand’s flag flapping in his face for most of the day.


Mac’s Riding Assessment

Mac’s session started with some groundwork on the lunge line.

He has no fear of the stock whip when it was cracked right beside him, or swung over his head. Even having it flicked around his neck and legs while walking didn’t phase him at all.

In the next paddock the young ones were hooning around but Mac paid them no heed.

Leigh jumped up on him, and I mean jumped, as there was no mounting block out there. Leigh always does the initial ride bareback. Leigh cracked the whip while mounted. It clearly was not a concern to Mac at all. It is thought that Mac has probably been a pleasure/trail riding horse before coming to TREW. Time to introduce a saddle and take a spin around the arena.

This was followed by a ride in the paddock and down to the dam. He never showed any sign of wanting to take off, or buck. He did toss his head and play with the bit some, but overall Mac simply took it all in his stride.

Mac is a forward moving horse who loves attention and appears to genuinely like being ridden and given a job to do.


ANZAC Weekend, 2010

Mac and Tommy Re-homed

Mac and Tommy were moved to their new home today. At least with this move TREWs President Leigh and his partner Rebecca knew how many bales of hay would be required on Tommy’s side of the float to keep him from going exploring beneath the chest bar.

I wish we could say that things went perfectly smooth but that was not to be. Mac had no intention of getting on the float. None. No way. Dream on. I am sure the idea of leaving him behind crossed several minds but in the end persistence paid off, the big grey was loaded and they were on the road.

At their new home just north of Melbourne, Mac and Tommy were released into a small paddock together to get used to their new surroundings. There were many circles to be galloped by Tommy and even a game of soccer played between Tommy, Leigh and a big red ball. Unfortunately no one had a camera right at this moment.

Tommy is very curious about everything. At first he would not leave Mac’s side, sticking to him like glue. Now, having had a couple of days to settle in he is interested in exploring and getting to know everything, including the cat and the dog that live on the property.

Mac, given the all important job of eating down the vegetation in their paddock to prevent Tommy from putting on too much weight did not shy away from the task, and at night he made himself quite at home in the paddock shelter.


Mac – April 2012 Update – Two Years On

It’s rising two years since I adopted Mac (or did he adopt me, sometimes I can’t tell). What followed have been two years of wonderful moments and some not so thrilling vet bills.

Mac has proven to be the sort of horse that will go anywhere and give anything a try, as long as it does not involve water. He will not get his hooves wet for anything, not even food! There are a lot of things we were able to do that did not involve water, like trail riding, adult riders and teaching basic horsemanship to novice horse lovers. Not to mention eating carrots and garnering a fan club.

These days Mac has a lifetime membership to Weight Watchers, not for his original malnourishment issues, but for a slight overabundance of weight. It seems like he just has to look at food to put weight on.

He manages to smooch up to visitors and people walking past his paddock. His quirky personality quickly draws people to him. Mac is happiest in a paddock where he is the ‘boss’ and luckily for him his current paddock mate is happy to let him take the lead.

Farewell Mac


It is with much sadness that we share the news that TREW Mac has passed over the rainbow bridge aged 25. The spunky grey gelding was adopted 5 years ago where he was a much loved riding horse before enjoying retirement and lots of attention. Due to arthritis which was no longer manageable we said good bye to Mac last month before winter’s cold set in.