TREW Sally – Adopted

Sally has found her forever home with TREW Secretary Rebecca. Since being coming into Rebecca’s care, Sally has progressed in leaps and bounds. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to get her hoves in good condition. Sally is super friendly and loves to have a hoon in the paddock.

Thank you Rebecca for adopting Sally. We all look forward to following her progress in the future.

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TREW Sophie – Adopted

TREW Sophie, the cute Arabian mare that came into our care with TREW Gangster has found a home with a family.
She is much loved and has fitted into her new home very well. This little mare loves attention and just wants to be involved with anything that is going on. Sophie stands quietly at the edge of the arena while her paddock mate is ridden, supervising everyone around her.

Thank you to her new family for offering this lovely little mare such a great home.

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TREW Henry – Adopted

We are thrilled to announce that TREW Henry has been adopted.

As with many horses that come into our care, there is something about them that draws their adopter to them, and this was the case with Keira.

Henry travelled beautifully to his new home where he is much loved. Thank you Keira for taking on this beautiful gelding.

(Photos to come)

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Farewell Mac


It is with much sadness that we share the news that TREW Mac has passed over the rainbow bridge aged 25. The spunky grey gelding was adopted 5 years ago where he was a much loved riding horse before enjoying retirement and lots of attention. Due to arthritis which was no longer manageable we said good bye to Mac last month before winter’s cold set in.

TREW Henry – Available for Adoption

TREW Henry – Available for Adoption

TREW Henry has come a long way from the skin and bone horse that had his carers worried that he would not get up again every time he lay on the ground.

In the 15 months that Henry has been in TREW’s care, he has proven that he is a lovely boy, with good manners and a pleasant personality. Henry is well handled and is good to brush, feed and rug, though he would rather you did not mess around with his rug at dinner time.

At 12 years old, this thoroughbred is looking for a home where he will be part of the family. Henry does require hard feeding as he does windsuck. Henry is good in the paddock with other horses, he is not the boss in the paddock and gets along with the others well.

Henry will be float assessed before being adopted out as to date he has been transported by truck only.

As with all of TREWs horses, Henry will be adopted out on a lifetime lease.

If you have any questions about Henry or his adoption, please email TREW at

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2015 – SA Bushfires – Destination reached

Photo: Destination reached at Kersbrook, SA.

Here are a few very good reasons why we do what we do!

On behalf of these fortunate ones (and many more), thank you to all those who continually give and support those in need.

2015 – SA Bushfires – On the road

Photo: Donated goods on their way to South Australia at Murray Bridge.

Notes from Leigh:
Travelling well. Set up camp for the night in Mt. Barker.
Delivering goods tomorrow morning and meeting some of the locals.
Big couple of days which would not have been possible without the generosity of our supporters.
Thanks again to everyone involved.
Lucky I bought a bigger truck.

2015 – SA Bushfires

In response to the fires that have gone through the Adelaide Hills in the last week Triple R Equine Welfare (TREW) is joining together with Project Hope Horse Welfare and The Winged Horse Equine Welfare to assist horse owners who have been impacted by the fires.

We are collecting the following four items to take over to South Australia:
• Bags of processed horse food.
• Wormers
• Rainsheets and Summer/Cotton Rugs
• Fencing equipment

If you wish to help either financially or by donating goods, please contact us via our Facebook page or email for your nearest collection point.

The Adelaide horse community and public are rallying with a variety of welcome help. If you would like to look at what is happening please visit the Bushfire Assistance SA Facebook page:

Fundraiser – Pet Barn, Maribyrnong

This weekend, thanks to Pet Barn, TREW held a fundraising BBQ outside their Maribyrnong store at 179 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong (Opposite Highpoint Shopping Centre).

HUGE thanks to Jemma and all the PETBARN staff who hosted our fundraising BBQ this weekend.

We are planning a return early 2015 so if you’re free, drop in and join in the fun.

Our phony pony named Jigsaw was a hit with both children and adults alike. Many of the four legged visitors to Pet Barn were a little concerned at this creature that moved its head and made strange noises and barked madly at this odd creature.

Jigsaw v.2

A Visit from the Dentist

Time for a dental check-up. Thank you to our dentist Benita Thompson for her patience with our horses, most who haven’t seen a dentist in a long time (if ever.)

Henry was cool and calm as ever. This boy is no stranger to handling and took his dental visit in his stride, as he does with most thing. (pictured above)

Sally was a little nervous, understandably as she had never seen a dentist before coming into TREW’s care, but she had some work completed thanks to Benita’s patience.

TREW Sally

Sophie was definitely due a dental visit and had some work done today.

TREW Sophie