TREW Sophie – Adopted

TREW Sophie

Sophie is a 10 year old Arabian Mare. She is approx. 14hh with a very gentle nature.

Currently this lovely little mare is suffering from multiple abscesses (note the right side of her face in the photo) as well as in multiple areas on her body. Her hooves are also bad due to years of neglect.

Since coming into TREWs care, Sophie has been visited by the farrier and has been given a lot of attention. Some of her abscesses are starting to heal and she is starting to do well.

We are thrilled to announce that Sophie has found a home with a family.

She is much loved and has fitted into her new home very well. This little mare loves attention and just wants to be involved with anything that is going on. Sophie stands quietly at the edge of the arena while her paddock mate is ridden, supervising everyone around her.

Thank you to her new family for offering this lovely little mare such a great home.