TREW Henry – Adopted

TREW Henry

Introducing Henry.

Henry is an 11 year old TB who was taken into care on the 30th August, 2013.

Due to Henry’s condition, he was unable to travel the 100 or so kilometres to our rehabilitation centre. The decision was made to admit Henry into a veterinary clinic to allow him to be stabilized and build up enough strength so he could finish his journey safely. Apart from the obvious, Henry suffered badly from rain scold, ulcers and was badly infested with mites.

Henry finally arrive at our rehab centre on the 4th September, 2013. He travelled well, although I’m told he was a little reluctant to board the truck.

Shortly after arriving Henry’s health deteriorated. After a few sleepless nights and a little care, Henry’s health started to improve. Thankfully Henry’s health continues to improve and he is becoming stronger every day, although he is far from out of danger.

TREW would like to thank Linda and BVP. Without these wonderful people, Henry would not be with us today.

Henry is currently undergoing continual treatment to address his many issues. Our first priority, other than feed, was to make him comfortable.

A delousing sessions and a couple of medicated sponge baths and you can tell he is much more at ease.

Bath time, one of many.

Food time, the best part of the day.

4 weeks after coming into care.

Henry continues to gain weight and his energy levels are increasing. He has spent some time with one of my own horses and is getting along fine.

Henry looks a little mangy at the moment as he has lost all of his dead skin and hair. Thankfully his regrowth is well on its way (not that you can tell from the photos). Henry is very well behaved and is still accepting all of the treatments performed on him.

TREW Henry

TREW Henry – It’s dinner time!

April 2014

TREW Henry

Henry has come a long way from the skin and bones thoroughbred that was delivered to TREW six months ago. This photo was taken recently of Maddi riding him in the round yard. Henry appears happy under saddle and the basics are not new to him.

However, Henry is a windsucker. This has been controlled so far with a collar but it is something that will have to be managed for the rest of his life.

A Visit from the Dentist

TREW Henry
TREW Henry

Time for a dental check-up. Thank you to our dentist Benita Thompson for her patience with our horses, most who haven’t seen a dentist in a long time (if ever.)

Henry was cool and calm as ever. This boy is no stranger to handling and took his dental visit in his stride, as he does with most thing.

TREW Henry – Available for Adoption

TREW Henry has come a long way from the skin and bone horse that had his carers worried that he would not get up again every time he lay on the ground.

In the 15 months that Henry has been in TREW’s care, he has proven that he is a lovely boy, with good manners and a pleasant personality. Henry is well handled and is good to brush, feed and rug, though he would rather you did not mess around with his rug at dinner time.

At 12 years old, this thoroughbred is looking for a home where he will be part of the family. Henry does require hard feeding as he does windsuck. Henry is good in the paddock with other horses, he is not the boss in the paddock and gets along with the others well.

Henry will be float assessed before being adopted out as to date he has been transported by truck only.

As with all of TREWs horses, Henry will be adopted out on a lifetime lease.

If you have any questions about Henry or his adoption, please email TREW at

TREW Henry – Adopted

We are thrilled to announce that TREW Henry has been adopted.

As with many horses that come into our care, there is something about them that draws their adopter to them, and this was the case with Keira.

Henry travelled beautifully to his new home where he is much loved. Thank you Keira for taking on this beautiful gelding.