TREW Jack – Adopted

11 years old
15.1hh Standardbred gelding

Jack is an 11 year old Standardbred. Bright bay in colour he stands approx. 15.1 hh. Jack came into TREW’s care with his paddock mate Rolls.
This beautiful gelding is an estimated 200-250kg overweight.

Jack has a lovely, willing nature, loves attention and is very eager to please you. We have been told that like his paddock mate, Rolls, Jack is also a trained riding horse who has attended shows in the past.

Always the first to call out as soon as he sees people coming his way, Jack is responding well to his new diet and has already shed several kilos. The fat deposits on his hind quarters and the cresty neck are the most obvious signs of the extra weight this lovely boy still has to lose over the coming months.

Obesity in horses is a common problem faced by owners agisting and not having the facilities needed to remove horses from the grass which is growing in abundance this year.

Generally when you think of a welfare case a skinny horse pops into mind, but obesity in horses is as bad a problem, if not worse, than putting weight on. This is because shifting the fat can be a problem for many owners, especially in older horses who may have arthritis and other ailments.

March 2012 – Update

Jack is making steady progress and almost has a normal looking neck. His fat is wobbly and I can feel his ribs. He no longer looks like he’s about to explode.
His weight loss has been a slow process due to an injury to his back leg, so he hasn’t had an exercise program yet. But what was surprising is that he never went lame or showed any discomfort on the injured leg. He would actually rest his good leg and put full weight on the injured side.
However the soreness would come rushing back when you went to apply a bandage or medicated spray. He is a big sook, but he will accept his medicine and treatments.
He still has fat deposits under his chin and a saddle would roll off but he’s making good progress.

Jack has a lovely temperament and neighs every time he sees you. He loves attention and is now in a paddock with five others and they are all getting along fine. He’s not pushy at meal times and will wait his turn.
The pecking order in herds is funny thing. For example Jack is the boss over my mare Lucy but he is submissive to Jackson and Jackson is submissive to Lucy. They all enjoy a run around kicking their heels up together.


June 2012 – Update


Doesn’t Jack look great! He has slimmed down significantly. He is still a carrying too much weight around his middle and his neck still has a small crest but he looks normal now and there’s no more dimples or cellulite on his rear end.
The dentist Benita Thomson, from Australian Equine Dental practice, came out a couple of weeks ago. I thought Jack was going to be a bit naughty because he can be a bit of a “sook” but he was perfectly behaved.

He has a great temperament and is now ready for light workouts. He has great movement and his dressage training really shows thorough so it’ll be fun to see how he goes being ridden as it’s been a few years.


January 2013 – Update

Jack has completed his rehabilitation and is ready for a new home.

February 2013 – Jack Has Been Adopted


Jack went to his new home on Saturday. He was a very good boy and travelled really well.
He thought he was in heaven as his new paddock was full of grass. He said hello to his new girlfriend and they hit it off instantly.
In fact it was really boring as there was no running around or showing off. Jack was too interested in the grass! Yes he will be put in the “Jenny Craig” paddock and only let out for a couple of hours a day.