Equitana 2012

TREW was offered the opportunity to work with Project Hope Horse Welfare at the demonstrations of Peggy, the rescued Standardbred mare who was on display to show off the versatility and potential that rescued horses have. TREW President Leigh spent several sessions working with Peggy to prepare her for her debut at Equitana. 

Leigh assisted with the demonstrations on all four days of Equitana, spoke to the crowds about horse rescue and answered many questions that people had. As a young mare, Peggy has shown many that once rehabilitated, a rescue horse can be a valuable family member both as a riding horse and as a companion.

We used our time at Equitana to network and meet many people in the industry, as well as spreading TREW’s name and garnering a couple of memberships. It was a massive four days and we could all have done with a holiday to recover from it.