Al is a lovely aged chestnut thoroughbred. He had lived a full and varied life and had attended ARC’s, trail riding and jumping, ridden on the beach and his owner had also taken him along to the Barmah Muster.

He was originally leased out by his owner due to her employment changes and upon visiting him one day on her return, was alarmed to see that unfortunately he was not being looked after in the fashion that he was used to.

He was found to be in a poor condition in a paddock with no feed and no water in his trough.

She reclaimed the horse then TREW was contacted and it was agreed that TREW would assist in his rehabilitation due to his owners limited available resources at that time.

Shortly after coming into care, the decision was made to move Al to another property for further rehabilitation and to allow his owner to visit on a more frequent basis.
Al was cared for by TREW members until his owner relocated herself back to a property where she could once again look after Al full time. He has since been returned to his loving and very thankful owner.

The rehabilitation of Al, and many horses like him, could not have been made possible without the support and sponsorship of TREW Members and other horse lovers. We’d like to take the time to thank everyone who contributed their time, property and/or financial support to helping bring him back to what he is today.