Bella was no longer able to be ridden but her owner Emma and her mother Sue could not bear to send her to the knackery. Deciding to retire Bella, her owners turned Bella out into a large paddock of 54 acres along with a couple of other horses, the cattle, goats and some sheep. Feed and water were plentiful and although there was not much in the way of fencing there was a good deal of room for the horses to run. 

The only problem was that Bella was still wearing her fully lined combo rug, perfect for cold winter days and nights but as the weather was warming up considerably it needed to be removed; a difficult prospect in such a large area that can allow a horse to evade being caught for a very long time.

TREWs Leigh and Rebecca, Emma, her sister and mother Sue (who is frightened of horses) attempted to herd the horse into a small existing enclosure on the property. When this was not successful Leigh organized the building of a larger temporary enclosure into which the team could herd all the animals and then they could proceed by removing the ones they did not require.

Eventually they were left with Bella, who actually proved quite easy to handle, and the team were able to provide some hands on horse care such as worming, hoof trimming and a dose of electrolytes and of course the rug was removed – a very important issue in the escalating temperatures of late spring.

Since then Bella has not been a problem to catch and is the subject of a great story about how cooperation, team work and calm persistence pay off in the end and all for the benefit of our equine friends.