TREW Henry – Adopted

We are thrilled to announce that TREW Henry has been adopted.

As with many horses that come into our care, there is something about them that draws their adopter to them, and this was the case with Keira.

Henry travelled beautifully to his new home where he is much loved. Thank you Keira for taking on this beautiful gelding.

(Photos to come)

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A Visit from the Dentist

Time for a dental check-up. Thank you to our dentist Benita Thompson for her patience with our horses, most who haven’t seen a dentist in a long time (if ever.)

Henry was cool and calm as ever. This boy is no stranger to handling and took his dental visit in his stride, as he does with most thing. (pictured above)

Sally was a little nervous, understandably as she had never seen a dentist before coming into TREW’s care, but she had some work completed thanks to Benita’s patience.

TREW Sally

Sophie was definitely due a dental visit and had some work done today.

TREW Sophie

TREW Gangster

Gangster is a 6 yr old Thoroughbred Gelding. Approx 15.1 – 15.2 hh.

While he does have a bit of a bossy nature, he does respect boundaries when being handled.

Gangster is suffering from the effects of long term neglected hooves. As a result, he has basically no heel on any of his hooves which has rendered him lame for a long time. Gangster has been attended to by our farrier who, over the course of several trims, will work on reshaping his hooves.

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TREW Sophie

Sophie is a 10 year old Arabian Mare. She is approx. 14hh with a very gentle nature.

Currently this lovely little mare is suffering from multiple abscesses (note the right side of her face in the photo) as well as in multiple areas on her body. Her hooves are also bad due to years of neglect.

Since coming into TREWs care, Sophie has been visited by the farrier and has been given a lot of attention. Some of her abscesses are starting to heal and she is starting to do well.

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TREW Sophie

TREW Sophie

Sally Update – September

Sally has new front feet and one trimmed back hoof. But she is really scared of strange men.

On the Friday our farrier managed to do her front feet but she wouldn’t let him handle her back legs. He came back again on the Sunday and we managed to get one of her back done with Rebecca holding it, but then she wouldn’t let us do the other back hoof which of course is the one with a big split up the middle.

Sally is totally relaxed when being handled by a female so we will have to get males to spend more time with her to help her understand that men can be kind too. She is definitely more comfortable and is happy to trot around now.

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Sally Update – July

Sally is doing really well. Though we haven’t done that much with her since she came back from the trainer as she’s had a virus. Sally has been kept in isolation in which she has been coping well with the solitude.

Sally is really easy to catch, she comes up to you. We can now just put the halter on without a rope around her neck and she tips her nose into the halter. It took a bit of effort to get off the halter that was on her when she arrived. The knot was really tight and a hoof pick was used to help loosen it. Sally just stood there patiently.

Sally is now used to being touched all over and likes having a brush. She doesn’t move and she looks much neater with all the knots out of her long tail.

We had break through, the other day with picking up her hooves. It’s taken a few goes and she’s really didn’t like picking up her back legs. It took a lot of hanging on. But we can now clean all hooves with the hoof pick. She will be introduced to the farrier position as well as the sound and feel of the tools on her hooves. Her back hooves are okay but her front need a bit of work. There’s no sign of discomfort with her slightly swollen back fetlock.

Sally doesn’t worry about objects, the plastic bag on the stick, balloons tied to the fence or the whip on her body and legs. It’s only loud sounds that make her jump but she settles down quickly.

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Goodbye Luigi

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our old man Luigi after a hard battle with colic.

Luigi lived out his last months in the care of his adopter and her family. Thank you Johanna and Janine for looking after Luigi and for giving him a home.

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Goodbye Rolls


It is with much sadness that we share the news that the lovely gelding TREW Rolls has passed over the rainbow bridge. Rolls suffered badly from arthritis and other joint complaints directly related to his racing career and his pain could no longer be managed.

Rolls was a beautiful old man who was lucky enough to live out his days on a property in Mildura with a family who loved him. Thank you Colleen for taking Rolls into your hearts and looking after him so well.

TREW Henry

henryHenry has come a long way from the skin and bones thoroughbred that was delivered to TREW six months ago. This photo was taken recently of Maddi riding him in the round yard. Henry appears happy under saddle and the basics are not new to him.

However, Henry is a chronic windsucker. This has been controlled so far with a collar but it is something that will have to be managed for the rest of his life.

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TREW Henry – Available for Sponsorship

4 weeks after coming into care.

Henry continues to gain weight and his energy levels are increasing. He has spent some time with one of my own horses and is getting along fine.

Henry looks a little mangy at the moment as he has lost all of his dead skin and hair. Thankfully his regrowth is well on its way (not that you can tell from the photos). Henry is very well behaved and is still accepting all of the treatments performed on him.