Triple R Equine Welfare Inc. (TREW) is an open organisation and encourages involvement from any interested person. We welcome contact from any individual or group who feels they may have something to offer the organisation, whether it is advice, skills or hands on help with equines.

The people that make up TREW are a group of horse lovers from various backgrounds, who have in common, a desire to address the prevalence of horse neglect, abandonment and abuse in the state of Victoria. Those involved with TREW have banded together to pool various skills, talents and resources, to make a meaningful difference to the lives of as many horses as the association can reach, whether that be ‘hands on’ rehabilitation, community assistance or through education.
We are a fully Incorporated Non-Profit Organisation, governed by a Constitution which is managed by a Committee of Volunteers, comprised of self-motivated and dedicated people with a variety of skills and aims. TREW is 100% self-funded with all financial resources provided via membership fees; horse sponsorship; corporate sponsorship and fundraising events. We receive no Government funding. All donations over $2 are 100% Tax Deductable.

If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact TREW at equines@trew.org.au



The Future of TREW.

TREW is a very small organisation that has managed to do some very good work and has helped a lot of people and horses over the years both through rescue and Emergency Relief efforts. This has often given the impression that we are bigger than we really are. For the last several years TREW has been managed by a core group of 4-5 people. As TREW is a volunteer organisation and all work and time is donated we are at the stage where we need to put out the call for assistance to keep this organisation afloat.

At our AGM, our President of the last 6 years stepped down after doing a stellar job of leading the organisation. We would like to thank Leigh for all of his work, time and expertise that he has put into TREW over the years.

As it stands TREW is looking for people interested in becoming involved with the organisation. We are a very small group of people who donate what time we can to help out. There is no set time requirement and you don’t have to have your own horses or be ‘horsey’ to be involved.

TREW does not have a sanctuary or headquarters, our horses are rehabilitated on the private properties of our committee members. TREW is financially stable through a long history of fundraising and the bequest from ‘Teddy’ which we named our Teddy Award after.

It would be a shame for this organisation to have to close purely due to lack of volunteers.

If you would like to know more about TREW or have any questions please email equines@trew.org.au

TREW is primarily based on the outskirts of Melbourne, Vic.